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How to sign: cause to change; make different; cause a transformation
"The advent of the automobile may have altered the growth pattern of the city"; "The discussion has changed my thinking about the issue";

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Similiar / Same: change, modify

Within this category: acerbate, acetylate, achromatize, activate, activate, activate, activate, adjust, affect, affect, age, alchemize, alcoholize, alkalinize, allegorize, alter, Americanize, anglicize, angulate, animize, antiquate, antique, archaize, arterialize, ash, assimilate, automatize, automatize, awaken, barb, barb, barbarize, bestialize, better, blind, blister, blunt, blur, blur, boil, break, break down, brighten, bring, bring, brutalize, calcify, camp, capture, cause to sleep, centralize, change intensity, change taste, charge, charge, chasten, check, circularize, civilize, clarify, classicize, clean, clear, clot, coarsen, coarsen, cohere, color, commercialize, communize, commute, complicate, complicate, condense, confuse, confuse, constitutionalize, contaminate, conventionalize, convert, convert, convert, cook, cool, corrupt, counterchange, crack, cry, customize, damage, darken, de-emphasize, deaden, deaden, deaminate, decarboxylate, decentralize, decimalize, decorate, decrease, decrepitate, deflate, deform, dehydrogenate, demagnetize, demist, democratize, demonize, demulsify, demythologize, denationalize, denaturalize, denaturalize, denature, denature, denature, deodorize, depersonalize, depolarize, desensitize, desensitize, destabilize, detransitivize, devalue, develop, develop, devilize, digitize, dinge, dirty, disable, discolor, disintegrate, disorder, disqualify, dissimilate, dissolve, dissolve, dissonate, diversify, dizzy, domesticate, dope, draw, dry, dull, dull, dynamize, dynamize, ease up, edit, edit, empty, emulsify, enable, end, equal, estrange, etherealize, etiolate, etiolate, Europeanize, Europeanize, evaporate, even, excite, excite, extend, exteriorize, fatten, feminize, fertilize, fill, flatten, flocculate, form, freeze, Frenchify, full, gelatinize, glamorize, glorify, habituate, harmonize, harshen, heat, hue, humanize, humble, hydrogenate, immaterialize, immortalize, inactivate, incandesce, increase, indispose, industrialize, inflate, inform, inseminate, insulate, intensify, internationalize, introvert, invalidate, invert, invert, iodinate, ionate, Islamize, isomerize, laicize, legitimate, lend, liberalize, lift, liquefy, loosen, loosen, louden, lower, lubricate, magnetize, make, make, make, make possible, mark, masculinize, masculinize, mechanize, mechanize, militarize, militarize, mince, mix, morph, muddy, mythologize, nationalize, nationalize, naturalize, naturalize, Nazify, neutralize, neutralize, nick, normalize, obfuscate, obscure, obscure, occidentalize, officialize, opacify, opalize, opsonize, orientalize, ossify, outmode, oxidize, oxygenize, paganize, pall, parallel, patent, personalize, plasticize, poison, polarize, politicize, professionalize, proof, prostrate, purify, put, rarefy, rarefy, rationalize, recombine, recommend, reconstruct, refine, reflate, reform, refresh, relax, remodel, restore, revolutionize, right, right, ripen, romanticize, round off, rusticate, sanitize, saponify, saturate, sauce, schematize, scramble, sensitize, sensitize, sensitize, sentimentalize, set, sexualize, shake, shallow, shape, sharpen, sharpen, shift, shorten, simplify, slenderize, smut, sober, socialize, soften, solemnize, solvate, spice, spike, sputter, stabilize, stain, steepen, stiffen, still, straighten, strengthen, string, suburbanize, supercharge, supple, suspend, suspend, sweeten, switch, symmetrize, synchronize, tame, tender, tense, territorialize, thicken, think, tighten, tone down, touch, transaminate, transfigure, transform, transform, transform, transform, transform, transitivize, translate, transmute, transpose, turn, uglify, unclutter, uniformize, unite, unsanctify, unscramble, unsex, untie, untune, urbanize, urbanize, validate, variegate, vascularize, ventilate, verbify, vesiculate, visualize, vitalize, vitrify, vivify, volatilize, vulgarise, warm, weaken, weaponize, wet, widen, worsen

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